Last month Toshiba unveiled the Wearvue TG-01, a pair of smart glasses seemingly inspired by Google Glass. The device was set to launch next week, but in a surprising turn the company decided to scrap the project entirely at the last minute.

Toshiba says it struggled with the decision after the initial announcement garnered positive attention. “Because the glasses-type device had gained great interest, including among the media, we wanted to consider until the very last minute,” a company representative told The Wall Street Journal.

The decision to trash the Wearvue headset is apparently part of a larger effort to cut costs at Toshiba. The company ran into financial trouble last year after an accounting scandal was revealed. Since then it sold its camera sensor business to Sony, and plans to sell off its medical-systems division as well.

Wearvue was primarily meant for warehouse and factory workers who need both hands free to work. The device could have displayed important information like user manuals without getting in the way. Unfortunately it looks like this product won’t ever see the light of day, though Google appears to have similar plans for its rumored Glass: Enterprise Edition.