Alongside a handful of new tablets, Toshiba also announced two new 2-in-1 tablet-PC hybrids, following up last year’s Satellite Click with the Click 2 and Click 2 Pro. These devices don’t launch until late next month, but we got a chance to try them out ahead of time.

The new Click 2 comes in two varieties. There’s the baseline model which starts at just $586.99, and a Click 2 Pro that packs a lot more power for the high price of $1,028.99. Both offer 13.3-inch displays that easily snap off from their accompanying keyboards and run Windows 8.1, but beyond that there are plenty of differences between these two devices.

The Click 2 offers a quad-core Intel Pentium processor, 500GB of storage, a 1366 x 768-pixel display, and Skullcandy speakers. Meanwhile, the Click 2 Pro offers a slimmer profile while packing a Full HD display, an Intel Core processor, a microSD slot for adding storage, Harmon Kardon speakers, and LED backlit keys. You can even pay extra for an upgraded Click 2 Pro with a second battery built into the keyboard and an extra 500GB of storage.

The way you transition from laptop to tablet is also different. The Satellite Click 2’s display easily separates from its keyboard dock with the flick of a switch, while the Click 2 Pro lets you switch to tablet mode with a single hand using a push-to-unlock feature. This bit of technology works particularly well, though we wouldn’t say it’s worth paying an extra $500 just for that.

Toshiba is particularly proud of of one feature called USB sleep and charge technology, which lets you charge your mobile devices with your laptop even when the Satellite Click 2 is turned off. It’s a nice feature that turns your computer into a portable device charger even when you don’t have time to power it on.

The dream of a 2-in-1 laptop tablet has dominated the Windows market for a while now, and we’ve seen plenty of companies, Microsoft included, attempt to make the perfect hybrid device. We’re not sure Toshiba has solved this issue once and for all with this Satellite Click 2 lineup, but that doesn’t mean these aren’t solid options for anyone who’s sick and tired of lugging around a tablet and a laptop everywhere they go.