The team that brought us Torchlight announced its new title, Hob, this week.

Hob looks to be a third-person adventure game with a heavy focus on art direction.

Developer Runic said in its announcement the game “is presented without text or dialogue,” and “narrative is revealed as players explore and interact with their unfamiliar surroundings and the strange life forms that inhabit it.”

The game is being developed for PC and console, “featuring smooth controller gameplay, multi-layered puzzles, and striking visuals.”

Torchlight was boiled down by many as being a simple clone of Diablo II, but there have been piles and piles of those. Torchlight stood out because it nailed what made the formula fun while finding ways to make gameplay more fun and less tedious, and because it had stellar art direction. Hob doesn’t currently have a release date, but attendees of the PAX Prime gaming convention will have the opportunity to play the current build at the show between August 28 and 31.