If you’re experiencing limit battery life from your iPhone 3G or 3GS, you’ll find this guide useful. These are the top five tips for optimizing your iPhone’s battery life. To get the best results, follow all five tips.

The screens depicting each tip have been included at the bottom of this article, if you have any of your own tips, feel free to drop them in the comments below.

Tip 1:

Possibly the most effective and easiest tip put into practice, reducing the screen brightness makes a big difference with battery life. Through trial and error, I’ve found that lining up the brightness marker with the ‘g’ in the title, yields the best results without taking away from the overall experience.

Tip 2:

If you’re not hugely dependent on ‘Push Notifications’, you can disable then with the flick of a finger. This will mean that you’ll have to open your ‘Mail’ app each time you want to check for new emails.

Tip 3:

We’re all familiar with the fact that using Wi-Fi drains the battery, but perhaps you didn’t know that one of the most intensive processes that your Wi-Fi chip has to do is search for available network. It doesn’t take much to realize that if this is happen in regular intervals, it’s going to have a noticeable impact on your battery. To disable this feature, simply go into your Wi-Fi network settings and turn off the ‘Ask to Join Networks.’ Note: This does mean that you will have to manually search for new networks.

Tip 4 & 5:

These last tips have more to do with the way you use your iPhone, rather than necessarily having an instant impact in saving battery life. I don’t make use of the aGPS hardware often enough to have the service enabled constantly, so if you’re like me, you might want to disable it. Note: This will disable the location service made available through MobileMe.

In most cases, when I’m using my iPhone, I use it for a few minutes at a time. The rest of the time, it’s busy sitting on my desk. Currently there are two way to turn the screen to standby, manually using the ‘Hold’ button at the top of the iPhone or automatically using the OS. To prevent your screen from being powered up necessary, you can set the auto-lock timer to 1 minute, meaning your screen will automatically switch off after 60 seconds.

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