The two mysterious barges that are floating near San Francisco and off of the coast of Maine belong to Google, according to KPIX 5a local CBS news station in San Francisco. Apparently Google is going to attempt to use the boats, which feature dozens of cargo containers, to show off projects that are being developed in its secretive Google X labs. One such venture to come out of Google X is Google Glass. Another is Project Loon. And yet another in the Calico Project. All of them have the potential to change our world.

The idea, apparently, is to create a showroom that's only accessible through a personal invite from Google. The company can then show off its top-secret projects to customers. And it's not just about showing the products, Google plans to throw some affairs on these barges, which are outfitted with party decks "meant to feature bars, lanais and other comforts so Google can fete its upscale customers," KPIX 5 said.

Google has not yet admitted that it owns the barges, however, and it's still unclear why one of them is floating off of Maine. It's possible that ship will make its way south, toward New York City, though with Google trying to keep everything hush-hush it might try to keep it out of sight.