Sorting through apps can be one of the most tedious tasks out there. We all know there are great apps for the iPhone and iPod Touch, people tell us as much, but how do you discover them with the number available constantly growing? Well, we’re here to help you with that by breaking it down to a handful of essential apps in a number of different categories. Sure apps vary by taste, but these are some of the ones we feel will appeal to a wide audience.

And, oh yeah, we’re only doing free ones, so put your wallets away.

All links will take you to the iTunes page for more information and a link to download the app.

Top 5 Free iPhone/iPod TouchBusiness Apps

LinkedIn iPhone App

Dropbox: Get access to all of your Dropbox files while on the go.  You can download them into other apps, view them, add videos & photos taken with your iOS device to your account and several other features.

Evernote: Evernote allows you to keep track of thoughts and ideas while on the go.  Create text, photo and audio notes that are automatically synced to your computer or the Web based interface so you’ll never lose track of an idea again.

Genius Scan: Genius Scan helps you keep track of receipts, business cards and any other little notes that might get lost in the shuffle of a busy trip by taking images of the important documents and notes.  You can then send these via e-mail as JPGs or PDFs.

LinkedIn: LinkedIn is a social network for professional communication that allows you to view people’s resumes, message one another and see updates from people in your professional network amongst other features.

UPS Mobile: With UPS Mobile you can track multiple shipments, create new shipping labels and locate shipping centers near you for easy drop off.

Top 5 Free iPhone/iPod TouchMovie Apps

Fandango iPhone App

Fandango: Fandango allows you to locate nearby theaters, prioritize ones starting in under an hour if you’re in a hurry, see trailers, read Tweets about the film (i.e. find it if you should bother seeing it) and even book your tickets all from your iOS device.

IMDb Movies & TV: Ever wish you could quickly settle those inevitable bar bets about who that one guy was in the one movie … you know the one!  With the Intenet Movie Database app you can quickly access all of that information and get your beer from that guy in just a few minutes.

Movies: The Movies app from Flixster allows you locate theaters near you, browse their schedules, watch trailers for the films and look up reviews from Rotten Tomatoes for any of the movies.

OneTap Movies: OneTap Movies gives you access to Fandango ticket purchasing as well as sorting movies by theaters, popularity, star ratings, newest releases, and additional info based on boxoffice sales.  You can also check out reviews, view trailers and a host of other features.

Redbox: Why bother getting to the nearest Redbox just to discover it doesn’t have the movie you wanted?  With the Redbox app you can locate the nearest kiosk to you, see what films are in it and search through all of the other machines in your general vicinity.  Once you find the one you want the app will even map out a route for you.

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