It’s unclear if Apple realized it was essentially creating a whole new gaming platform when it came up with third-party applications for iOS devices, but that is exactly what has happened. As with the iPhone and iPod Touch before it, the iPad has been flooded with games, and we’re here to help you sort through the thousands of games to help you figure out which ones are really worth bothering to download.

This time we’re bringing you a mixture of casino games so you can get up to speed before heading to Vegas, or try your hand at racing around a course in a wide assortment of vehicles.

Please note that developers do change pricing on their apps from time to time, and while these were all free at the time this was written, do double check the price before clicking download.

All links will take you to the iTunes page for more information and a link to download the app.

Top 5 Free iPad Casino Games

Texas Poker

BlackJack 21 Professional Simulator (21 Pro Sim): This BlackJack simulator will allow you to track your career to see how you do over time, look back at your last 500 moves to see where you might be able to improve, play in a practice mode that won’t impact your stats and a ton more features.

MiniTycoon Casino: Build up your own casino empire from a small town gambling hall to something that rivals what you would see in Las Vegas.  Buy different machines, hire your friends as dealers, visit other people’s casinos to increase your energy and more.

Slots Free for iPad: This slots app uses the same technology as those in real casinos and promises you true randomness from the reels.  Feel free to play all day long as you aren’t wagering any real money.

Texas Poker: Texas Poker features in-game chat with players from around the world, ability to view player stats, table buy-in so you aren’t automatically locked to a table with people you may not want to play against and more.

Virtual Horse Racing 3D HD FREE: Place your bets for Win/Place/Show in this horse racing app that allows you to have up to eight horses per race, each with detailed stats you can study prior to placing your bets.

Top 5 Free iPad Racing Games

GT Racing

Alpine Crawler HD: Race cross country in a pickup, but make sure you don’t go too wild on any of the different courses because you might find yourself rolling over or crashing.

Drift Mania Championship Lite: Drifting is a form of auto racing that sees the drivers slide, or “drift” through corners as opposed to making actual turns.  Choose the type of car that best suits your style, compete in two different circuits, different camera configurations and a host of other options.

GT Racing: Motor Academy HD FREE: Race around numerous tracks in detailed, licensed cars from some of the biggest names in auto racing.  The only drawback to this game is its enormous size (356 MBs) which makes the load time seem excessive to many people.

HTR HD High Tech Racing Lite: Just like the remote controlled racetracks of your childhood, except instead of bugging your parents to buy you better cars, you can earn the upgrades.

LightBike2: Race “light bikes” (er … yeah, it’s what you think it is) with up to four players via Bluetooth, or play online (feature costs) against others from around the world.

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