Sorting through apps can be one of the most tedious tasks out there, and the games category has to be one of the worst ones out there.  Thousands upon thousands of apps, broken into sub-categories, and you have no clue of where to even begin your search.  We’ve picked ten of what we feel are the absolute best, and since they’re all free, if you don’t like them, nothing lost!

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Top 10 Free iPad Game Apps

Air Hockey Gold: Who knew Air Hockey could be so much fun?  A staple of roller rinks and bowling alleys, air hockey on the iPad is fun and addictive, and its compatible with the iOS Game Center.  Play it alone on skill levels from “Kiddie” to “Insane”, play 2-player on the same iPad or match iOS devices against one another.

Battleship for iPad: The classic game of Battleship comes to the iPad, albeit with a few small changes (i.e. the aircraft carrier occupies spaces in two rows).  Place your ships either horizontally or vertically and then take turns with your iPad shooting one shot at a time to try to find and sink the fleet.  Keep track of your local scores, check out the global scores and even invite friends to try out the app.

Battleship for iPad

Chess Free HD: There’s nothing like a good game of chess to challenge your mind.  You can play one or two players, set times, set the difficulty and more with this great looking chess game for the iPad.

FarmVille: TechnoBuffalo doesn’t believe in promoting addictive drugs, but yet, here’s FarmVille on one of our lists.  You can access your current Facebook farm so you can play any time, or create a whole new farm to see what all the hoopla is about.

Harbor Master HD: You control the course of boats coming into the harbor to offload their freight, but be careful that none of them collide with one another.  The game is free, but there are additional maps you can choose to purchase, although the free initial free map is enough to keep you busy for ages as you try to master the game.

Lux Touch: Lux Touch is a game of world conquest … that only slightly resembles a certain famous board game of world conquest.  If you’re a fan of “Risk”, you’ll love this game.

Paper Toss HD Free: Why not waste time just like you would in the real world by throwing paper wads at targets.  This free version restricts the locations you can choose, but do you really need more than one place to throw virtual paper?

Pocket Legends (3D MMO): Now you can play in a full-on MMORPG (massively-multiplayer online role-playing game) without the need of a computer.  Choose your race, go on quests, engage in battle, challenge people from around the world, buy upgrades for your characters and a whole lot more in this 3D adventure game.

Pocket Legends

Simon Says …: Based on the classic electronic memory game of the late 1970’s and early 1980’s, Simon Says … allows you to play single-player, co-op mode and via Game Center.  Challenge yourself with different modes, earn achievements and a whole lot more.

Solitaire Ace: I’m surprised there isn’t a law yet requiring every device known to man to come with a built-in game of solitaire.  Since the iPad is lacking in that department, you can easily fix that issue with this solid card game that lets you play Spiderette and both single-card and three-card Klondike.

Check back as we continue this series all week!  And make sure to check out the previous lists, Top Free iPad Apps: Music And News & Top Free iPad Apps: Social Networking And Reading.

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