Isn’t it the worst feeling in the world?  You spend your hard earned cash on some new technology gear, and when you need help you get treated like garbage. Well, it times to let the cats out of the bag! Today, I countdown my Top 5 Worst Companies for Tech Support.


The only reason this company is not #1 is because it is not an extremely large company. Avid owns all of the above mentioned companies, and their tech support is so bad, its not even there. If you have a problem with any of the products, you are given a number to call. Upon calling, you are told to go online and buy a support ticket, or check the FAQ of the website. It is virtually impossible to talk to a person for free without calling the Corporate HQ, which still gets you a Voicemail. Have a broken piece of Hardware? If you manage to get an RMA, expect to wait a couple of months to receive your product back.

4. Samsung

If I wrote this three weeks ago, Samsung would be absent on this list. But after all the bologna I have had to go through, they quickly jumped to the top of the list.  Shoddy support agents that are inattentive and have difficulty understanding basic requests, impossible RMA service and a warranty that is nothing short of convenient for Samsung makes these guys bad news. Plus, a certain Buffalo told me they may eben be charging for Android upgrades.


This company probably is in the running for most improved, which tells how bad the support must of been to start with. If you don’t believe me, just ask TechnoBuffalo El Presidentë Jon Rettinger. Dell has a very decent warranty service, but their support agents seem to be completely unaware of what company they are working for.  Even their Sales department is terrible.


Long waits, complicated phone systems and inattentive chat technicians is only revived by decent warranty practices. Considering the reliability rating of there computers, you’re going to need it.

Honorable Mentions:

These companies didn’t make the Top 5 but certainly Deserve a mention: Acer, Western Digital, Sony, McAffee, Lexmark and Comcast.


Who cares if you just sunk hundreds of dollars for your brand new Operating System/Keyboard/Mouse/Webcam. Trying to get a functional human being is near impossible and doing so may cost you even more money.  This is my achilles heel of a good software company, and should be quickly addressed. Microsoft, You may be the most popular OS, but it is not because of how helpful you are.

This list is obviously subjective, but is is based on research/experience I have personally gathered as well as outside research including figures from If you are looking for companies with good Tech Support? Check out Apple, Lenovo, Kodak and Logitech.

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