There’s no way around it, I’m a geek. I wear my nerd-dom like a scarlet letter of pride. I’ve always been ‘into tech’ as my mom likes to say. During my High School and college days (University of Rochester), whenever I’d get stressed, or just wanted to unwind, I’d walk around Best Buy, and just look at all the amazing gadgets I couldn’t afford. (Random tidbit, I remember when Plasma TV’s first came out, I couldn’t believe they made panels that flat and thin…if I only I’d known LED and 3D were coming!). Now before you all go sounding off in the comments about me needing a life, I also played sports (yup, you’re looking at a 3rd string QB), and even managed to get a date or two. I just loved technology, and that passion has taken me to TechnoBuffalo, where I am lucky enough to get my geek on professionally.

I know this was a super long introduction, but I’m getting to the point. Every so often I’m reminded of my nerdiness, and I thought maybe you are as well. So dear TechnoBuffalo readers, I present you with the ‘Top 5 Ways You Know You are a Geek.” All of which have happened to me.

You Know You’re a Geek When…

TechnoBuffalo Geek5. Your friends call you for computer support I love tech, but I’m far from an IT expert. Probably three times a week I get a call, Facebook message, or text from someone asking an incredibly involved question. I have enough general knowledge that I can walk someone through reformatting a hard drive, but when it comes to more advanced networking, I have to just shrug. Which generally prompts a “I thought you did this for a living?” Most of the time, I don’t have the heart to tell friends I’m a Mac guy anyway… who loves Bootcamp.

4. Your parents can’t explain what you do for a living This one may be more particular to me, but my parents cannot explain to people what I do for a living. Their grasp of Social Media, online video, and the tech world is not what I’d call the best. Their general response is “He’s on the internet. Sometimes we see him on TV. He reviews technology.” Which I suppose isn’t that far off, but it still makes me chuckle. One of these days I’m going to film a video of my mom trying to explain my career. Trust me, you’ll love it. (I may even try and get my Grandma to do the same).

3. Your Closet is a tech graveyard Before I started reviewing phones, I used to go out and buy all the new ones. It was a really expensive proposition, but I’d finance it by selling my previous device and paying the difference. (I can’t tell you how many times my wife would roll her eyes when I’d say ‘look at my new phone!’). However, all new tech toys have a shelf life, and my closet is now riddled with tech of years past. As I write this I’m looking at a second generation iPod, my first Sprint PCS (yes PCS!) phone, and a Compaq laptop from almost 9 years ago. Moral being, I need to recycle.

2. You can name every gadget in a movie and out on the street
As I walk down the street, I find myself looking at the cell phones people are on, and mumbling “iPhone, Blackberry Bold, Droid X”, or whatever phone they are using. It makes me look like a crazy person, but it is kind of a fun game. Recently while watching Tron Legacy, I kept thinking ‘No way a Nokia phone can do that, Symbian doesn’t support it!’ (I won’t say WHAT it was doing in case you haven’t seen the film). If you do the same, I hate to break to yah, you’re a geek.

1. Your always know what’s coming out next Keeping up with the fast moving tech world is tough enough, but doing enough research that you know what’s coming out next, that’s impressive. Whether you are getting your scoops here, or from other sources, you know better than to pick up an older ‘Core Series’ processor, and you wouldn’t be caught dead snacking on Éclair. You, unlike your friends (or parents) are always on the cutting edge.

So who’s going to let their geek flag fly? Mine is waving.