Top 5 Things We Want iOS 6 to Have

Word started circulating today that  it appears Apple is in full development mode on iOS 6.  With that in mind, it seems like the perfect time to put some thoughts out there as to what we want for the next iteration of the mobile OS.

A Refreshed User Interface

Lets face it, we've been saying this for some time now, but iOS is looking pretty dated.  We've been running with the same basic appearance since the iPhone debuted in 2007, and it's time for something new.  What exactly?  Well, we aren't sure either, but that's why Apple has scores of designers at its disposal.  Certainly they can come up with something a bit more engaging as we're getting pretty tired of the same old grid of icons arrangement.  Apple needs to do something, anything, to spice things up at least a little bit.

Enhanced Lock Screen

We asked for it before iOS 5 and what did we get?  A way to get to the camera button faster.  That isn't exactly what we meant.  The lockscreen has come to represent the loss of some prime real estate, and if Apple doesn't know what to do with it, well, then let us choose.  Maybe I'd like to see the weather, or perhaps I want to watch the craziness of the Apple stock price, but let us put something on that screen when we hit the button other than "slide to unlock" and the time.  Yes, Apple likes things clean and sleek, but they also like us to think we can't live without them, and I for one could certainly live without that waste of a lockscreen.

Multi-App Support

Say you're writing an email that references something in a Web page, wouldn't it be nice to have the mail app running in half the screen and the browser in the other half?  Yes, this would be problematic on the iPhone or iPod Touch, but on the iPad, it would be fantastic.  We realize we're probably reaching for the stars on this one, but it's something we want, so we include it on here.

Put Siri to Work

You can only ask Siri so many times where you can hide a dead body and chuckle at the results, it's time she earned her place in your device memory.  "Turn off Bluetooth."  "Send a Facebook message."  There are a whole host of things this virtual assistant should be doing for us, and most of it starts with integrating it more deeply into the system.  We can even give a pass on the third-party app support, but what about simple things like turning Wi-Fi/Bluetooth on and off?  It sure would be a lot nice than going a couple menus down to do so.


Look, we get it Apple, you think it's so Android to want to run widgets, but come on, throw us a bone here.  Would it kill you to let us run some little programs amongst our icons with info we want at a glance?  Heck, we'll even give you the latitude to put them in the notification tray you so kindly gave us in iOS 5.  Let us slide down the tray and see the sports scores or if our flight is on time, why make us go into each application to see all of this data?

So there are five things we're looking for in iOS 6, what are are some of your top wishes?