The season is here, and the time is right to start thinking about stuffing your favorite gadgets geeks stocking. It seems all the gift giving guides focus on those high priced items, yet neglect the more affordable gifts that are ideal for stocking stuffers or gifts for the company holiday party. These gifts won’t break the bank, but will put a huge smile on the receivers face. Let’s get started!!

Throwboy Pillows
screen-shot-2010-11-26-at-104246-pmThrowboy Pillows is by far my favorite entrepreneurial startup, and if you don’t know the story of owner Roberto Hoyos check it out here, as it would be a whole story unto itself. I digress, Throwboy pillows are all hand made, hand crafted pillows and are all dedicated to the technology community. Throwboy does make some custom pillows, but their signature products are based on popular icons such as the Apple’s Finder, iTunes icon, Dashboard, Photo Booth and iPhoto. The chat collection has been a fan favorite forever and sport popular text message shortcuts such as: TTYL, LOL, OMG and others. New this year are the YouTube “subscribe” pillow, and the miniature chat pillows known as “Throwbabies”. These pillows range from $9 to $29 and will be the only pillow that starts a tech conversation you have seen.

Scosche flipSync

www.scosche.comIf you own an, iPod, iPad or an iPhone there has undoubtedly been a time, probably in the not so distant past, that you needed your 30 pin cable to either sync or charge your device. Well, due to the sheer nature of these devices, you were likely not at home where you typically keep your sync cable. Out of luck right? Not if you have this little beauty from Scosche: the flipSYNC. A compact 30 pin adapter to USB 2.0 cable that hides away within itself and is housed right on your keychain or lanyard is a must have. Priced at an affordable $19.99 your recipient will never be without a sync and charging cable again. (Also available USB to Micro and Mini USB)

Cable Drops

190613901600x400ipusbm_newwww.bluelounge.comThis product is one of those that when you see them, pick them up and actually look at it you say “Now why didn’t I think of that.” Anyone that loves tech, owns gadgets or, frankly, lives in today’s world, has felt the pain of tangled cables. or cables that fall behind your desk at the most inopportune time.  This innovative product allows you to keep your cables stuck to your desk. or even a facing wall, thus eliminating what I call the “Ugh” moment of the cable falling behind your desk. Easy to install and remove with a non-marring adhesive, this little wonder comes in packs of six for $9.95, and are available in either bright colors or muted. The person that gets these will be thanking you under their breath multiple times throughout the year.

Refill Required

cable-dropswww.ThinkGeek.comIt seems techies are not only addicted to their gadgets, but also to their drink of choice that powers them throughout the day. In my case, the morning hours are dedicated to a good cup of Java, and the evenings are dedicated to my good friend “Mr. Diet Pepsi”. If the tech in us had our choice it would be as simple as plugging in our favorite gadget to get us through the day, that’s why I love the “Warning: Human fuel levels dangerously low” shirt available from for $19.99. This shirt will remind the user as well as all that look upon it to make sure the fuel levels are topped off at all times. If this design doesn’t float your boat there are plenty of other tech inspired t-shirts to choose from.

Cyber Clean

screen-shot-2010-11-26-at-93440-pmwww.cyberclean.tvOur last stocking stuffer is not one that is limited to the techie, yet the gadget lover in your life will certainly love this product. Cyberclean is a high tech cleaning compound that catches dirt, and visibly removes dust and crumbs while penetrating hard to reach nooks and crannies. Available in two formulas: Home & Office or Automotive, Cyber Clean works wonders on keyboards, game controllers and virtually anything with hard to reach places, while the auto formula is great for cleaning those annoying spots in your car such as air vents, cup holders and gear shifts. This product literally eats the dirt and can be used repeatedly. Available in a pouch containing .17 lbs, standard cup with .31 lbs or pop up top, which is a bit more convenient and holds .32 lbs. prices range on their site from $5.99 to $9.99 and is also available at a multitude of local retailers.

screen-shot-2010-11-26-at-100410-pmSo, there we have it, my top five tech stocking stuffers that won’t break the bank. There are many more that just missed the cut, but I hope that if these are not exactly what you are looking for they at least started the creative gift giving juices flowing.

Please share your favorite tech inspired stocking stuffers in the comments below, you may just help someone find a great gift for that hard to shop for person in their life.

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