Top 5 T-Mobile Phones by Noah

Do you feel as though no week goes by without a new handset hitting the market? How do you keep up with the latest and greatest? Well, thankfully, our top 5 phones roundups are here to help. We’re back to the States for this installment: The Top 5 T-Mobile Phones, Fall 2011 edition:

#1. Samsung Galaxy S II

T-Mobile Galaxy S II

T-Mobile’s two newest phones are their two best phones at the moment. While both the GS2 and Amaze 4G (see #2, below) offer state-of-the-art processors, cameras, displays and operating system, Samsung’s phone is that much thinner and lighter than HTCs without giving up much, if anything, in the way of performance. Shutterbugs after the absolute best cameraphone on the market may flinch, as will those who don’t like Sammy’s preference for ultra-light plastics. And some may balk at GS2’s giant 4.62″ display. Everyone else will simply enjoy running Android on a blazing fast phone with a huge, bright display and support for HSPA+ 42 data.

#2. HTC Amaze 4G

Where Samsung subscribes to the “thinnest and lightest possible” school of industrial design, HTC opts for “make it solid like a Maybach.” As mentioned above, Amaze 4G and Galaxy S II represent two takes on the current state of the Android art, so it’s not like either phone’s going to disappoint. But HTC was willing to add some size and weight to its phone in order to include what they call “the best” camera currently available on any smartphone anywhere. Such proclamations are less fact than fodder for coffeehouse arguments, but Amaze 4G does have a very impressive 8MP shooter to go with its dual-core performance and high-resolution qHD display. Like the Samsung, Amaze also supports T-Mo’s newly minuted HSPA+ 42 network, where available.

#3. LG G2x with Google


Stock Android, dual-core performance, and HSPA+ support – it’s no wonder the G2x was the favorite of many a tech blogger when it first came out. Now that it’s a few months old, this Gingerbread-packing, dual-camera packing, dual-processor packing beast is a bargain, to boot.

#4. BlackBerry Bold 9900

I’ll tell you what: That one week I used T-Mo’s Bold 9900 as my daily driver I got more work done using only my phone then I ever do with an iPhone. Maybe I’m old and have last-gen thumbs, but to me there’s something about typing on a BlackBerry keyboard that no touchscreen will ever replicate. Also, no matter how outdated it feels and no matter how lame its Web browser, BB OS was made for messaging like no other mobile platform to date.

#5. HTC Radar 4G

I wish the HD7 supported HSPA+ data. It doesn’t, so I’ll go with Radar 4G, a Windows Phone device that I like less but ultimately appreciate more than its older, bigger sibling.