Top 5 Sprint Phones by Noah

Do you feel as though no week goes by without a new handset hitting the market? How do you keep up with the latest and greatest? Well, thankfully, our top 5 phones roundups are here to help. We’re back to the States for this installment: The Top 5 Sprint Phones, Fall 2011 edition:

#1. Apple iPhone 4S

iPhone 4S

I really, truly think that iOS still offers the best combination of user-friendliness, power, and expandability (via Apps) in the mobile market today. 4S isn’t a must upgrade for iPhone 4 owners, but it offers more power, a better camera, and Siri, all of which combine to justify the $100 premium over the “base” 4 model. If Sprint and Apple get their data issue under control, I’d really consider recommending the Now Network as the place to go if you want to get your iPhone on. True unlimited data for $10/month less than the competitors? Hard to beat. Problem is, I know more than one new 4S owner struggling with slow data speeds right now. Still, as far as Sprint phones go, this is the easiest to recommend –  without a doubt.

#2. Apple iPhone 4

iPhone 4 front back side

I know. I hear you. Those are bad words you’re saying about me. But honestly, if someone asked me, “If iPhone 4S didn’t exist, what phone would you recommend on Sprint?” I’d go with the plain’ old iPhone 4. Honest answer. Android fans, well, I’m assuming you’ve already gone ahead and skipped to #3 below. WP7 and Blackberry Fans, I know you’re holding out for some bling bling next-gen hardware – and I’m with ya!

#3. Samsung Galaxy S II, Epic 4G Touch

I’ve long been a fan of HTC’s Android devices, but this year’s flagship, the Evo 3D, really didn’t do it for me. You know what did? Samsung’s Galaxy S II line. Epic 4G’s combination of speed and lightweight is hard to resist. And while I’m not a huge fan of the current huge screen trend, Epic 4G’s incredibly thin profile make that 4.5″+ display all but disappear when it’s tucked away in your pocket.

#4. HTC Arrive

Arrive is not the Windows Phone I want Sprint to offer right now. But it’s the only Windows Phone Sprint offers right now. And the more I use WP Mango, the more I like it. Sprint needs to pick up a thin, all-touch slab of a WP device right quick; in the meantime, Arrive features an utterly useable HTC QWERTY board and, yes, the Live Tile joy that is WP 7.5.

#5.BlackBerry Bold 9930

I’ll tell you what: That one week I used T-Mo’s Bold 9900 as my daily driver I got more work done using only my phone then I ever do with an iPhone. Maybe I’m old and have last-gen thumbs, but to me there’s something about typing on a BlackBerry keyboard that no touchscreen will ever replicate. Also, no matter how outdated it feels and no matter how lame its Web browser, BB OS was made for messaging like no other mobile platform to date.

What’s your favorite Sprint handset currently?