My personal Top 5 Phones list was one thing. I have my reasons, I tried to make them clear. But this is different.

As with our Top 5 AT&T Phones and Top 5 Verizon Phones lists, this one is all about you. What are the best phones out there? When you walk into the store, what should you look for, and what should you ask about? If you’re interested in Sprint, here are five to start with: Our Top 5 picks on the Now Network.


I am not a fan of 3D on cell phones. You might be. Either way, it’s hard to argue with EVO 3D’s pedigree as Sprint’s current flagship phone. Packing a dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and running Android 2.3 with the latest iteration of HTC’s Sense user experience, EVO 3D just about does it all. If you want to nitpick, EVO 3D is bulkier than it’s predecessor (see #4 below) and there have been reports of screen sensitivity issues. If you don’t, EVO 3D is a beast, plain and simple.

2. Samsung Epic 4G

Big screen, big roomy QWERTY board, and WiMax support: Epic 4G is a road warrior’s dream, so long as that road warrior has decently big pockets – literally that is. If you like the touchscreen/QWERTY/Android/4G combo but want something a little bit smaller – or are just an HTC fanboy – EVO Shift is another solid option.

3. Samsung Nexus S 4G

EVO 3D has more power and Epic 4G has a hard keyboard, but I’d be hard pressed to argue with anyone who chose Nexus S 4G as their Sprint phone of choice. Sporting the pure Android experience, a 4″ Super AMOLED display, WiMax compatibility, and a sleek, curved profile, Nexus S 4G is ready-made for rooters, and a solid choice for anyone wanting a pocketable smartphone with a big, bold display and plenty of power for your multitasking and multimedia needs.


A year and then some later, EVO 4G is still a pretty killer phone. If you want the latest and greatest, you’ll want EVO 3D – or you’ll want to hold out for HTC’s Kingdom or the Samsung Galaxy S II variant headed to The Now Network. But if you want a solid, WiMax compatible smartphone with a big screen, relatively sleek profile, and media-friendly power – and you don’t want to risk 3D-induced headaches – EVO is still a solid bet.

5. Motorola XPRT

Yes, my personal list included the Palm Pixi. Sprint carries the Pixi. It looks kinda like a smaller-screened, rounded-corner version of XPRT, but it runs webOS. The same webOS I can’t stop telling people I still love. And yet, I left it off of our Sprint Top 5 in favor of XPERT. Why? Like I said, this list is about you, not me. Android is more reliable, more flexible, more easily and widely supported, and generally a safer all-around bet than webOS at this point. XPRT’s hardware is nicer than Pixi’s, too. Tired of your BlackBerry but still like your BlackBerry’s candybar-plus-keyboard form factor? Take the Android plunge with Motorola’s XPRT. Or, you know, get a Pixi.