The word "geek" has traditionally carried negative connotations. Check a dictionary, and the word is defined as someone who is "an unfashionable or socially inept person."

But in the year 2015, deeply entrenched among the tech revolution, and these so-called geeks are the ones changing the way we live. Tim Cook, Bill Gates, Satya Nadella, and the countless developers creating apps we use everyday. These are the kind of people who are passionately creating tools that inspire us to be better humans. If that's being a geek, then I'll gladly count myself among that crowd.

We've broached the subject in the past, and thought it might be fun to further explore what makes someone a "geek." Is it their preference in a smartphone? Their knowledge of computers? What they like doing in their free time? The true definition of the word might generalize a culture in an unfavorable light, but the truth is it's never been more relevant—and more fun—to be a part of geek culture.

And it isn't just about computers or coding or rooting an Android device. There are more comic book movies than ever, and did I mention that there's a new Star Wars film on the horizon? We should be so lucky to be involved in such a growing culture, one that encourages people to express themselves and participate in some truly wonderful endeavors.

At the forefront of TechnoBuffalo's geekery is Jon, who has been making videos on YouTube for several years now. What, in his eyes, makes someone a geek? Watch the video above, and let us know why you're proud to be a geek in the comments down below.