One of the major reasons a lot of people were waiting to switch to Google Chrome was because it didn’t support the extensions they fell in love with while using Firefox.  With the release of the stable version of Google Chrome 4.0, that issue has now been solved, and already there are over 1500 extensions in the Google Extension Gallery.

So, were do you start?  We’ve got five suggestions we think everyone should give a go.

AdBlock: Yes, it’s the infamous extension that caused some sites to completely block Firefox from visiting them due to questions over how some people view ad blocking as content theft.  Either way, this extension alone should draw some Firefox fans over to at least trying out Chrome.  As the name implies, it is built specifically for blocking ads of all types as you visit sites.


Foxmarks: While Chrome 4.0 has its own synchronization feature, one of the biggest reasons to continue to use the popular Foxmarks is it will work across browsers.  So say you have to use Firefox at work, but you use Chrome at home, with Foxmarks it will keep your bookmarks updated on not only multiple systems, but on multiple browsers as well.


Google Voice: For those that have gotten invited into the Google Voice service, this extension is a must.  Not only will it notify you when you have new voice mails, but it will also turn phone numbers on pages into hyperlinks that all you need to do is click on them to call them using the Google Voice service.  You can also just click on the icon and use it to call or SMS any phone number you choose.

google voice

Google Wave Notifier: One of the most annoying things about Google Wave is that you have to go into it and check it by hand all the time to see if you have any new Waves.  Well, thankfully someone has come up with an extension for Chrome that will notify you not only of the fact you have new messages, but how many you have.

wave notifier

IE Tab: For some reason there are still sites out there that are optimized to work only with Internet Explorer, but luckily there is an option that keeps you from having to totally open the browser just to visit those pages.  With IE Tab you can visit a site from inside of Chrome, but it will render the pages in the way Internet Explorer would so you can use the features you need to.

ie tab

What are your favorite extensions so far?