5 Features I Want in the Samsung Galaxy S3

I just switched from the iPhone 4 to the Galaxy Note the other day and its solid build design, massive HD display and 4G LTE connectivity got me thinking: Wow, Samsung's really going to have a gangbuster on its hands if it nails the Galaxy S III. I already love the Galaxy Note 4G and the only flaw that I can find with it is that some people might think it's too big.

There are tons of rumors about the Galaxy S III: it's supposed to offer a quad-core processor, an HD display, Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, a ceramic backside, wireless charging from up to 6 feet away and much more. The device has a heck of a lot to live up to — especially since one rumor suggests that it has already received a record number of pre-orders from carriers and retailers — and I'm still not sure if Samsung's going to be able to squeeze it all of our fantasies into one device. If one thing is certain, the Galaxy S III needs to hit the market around the time that HTC brings its One X to store shelves and around the time of the iPhone 5 — but not too close that it's left in the shadows. In any case, as a dreamer, here are five features I'd like to see in the Galaxy S III.

1. A Quad-core Processor with LTE support

Rumors have suggested that Samsung's going to include its own quad-core Exynos chip in the Galaxy S III, complete with support for 4G LTE networks. You may shrug this off and say that other phones, such as the One X, already have quad-core processors, but the simple fact is that the NVIDIA Tegra 3 chip doesn't currently support LTE. If Samsung can pull this off it will most likely be the first to the market with a quad-core processor (not GPU, the iPad already has that) and support for the fastest data networks in the U.S.

2. A Solid Industrial Build

In my eyes one of Samsung's biggest flaws is that it builds plastic phones that often feel cheap and light. Tons of people love a light phone, but the lack of weight also suggests that it's not a high-end device, even if it is. HTC and Apple, for example, use premium materials such as glass and aluminum for smartphone bodies. Rumors have suggested that Samsung is going with a ceramic build this time around — something we've never seen before. I just really hope the company is able to create ceramic that's strong enough for everyday life — I don't want it to shatter as easily as the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S do.

Now, don't get me wrong, the Galaxy Note has one of the better industrial builds released by Samsung in the past several years. But I still want the company to follow in its competitor's footsteps and experiment with more premium materials.

3. A Super AMOLED HD Display

Have you seen the display on the Galaxy Note yet? It's among the best I've seen on a smartphone, save for perhaps the HD IPS displays on the LG Nitro. Samsung's Super AMOLED screens burst with color and they are among my favorites for viewing comics, movies and photos on. I imagine Samsung is already planning to add this feature to the Galaxy S III — maybe I'll even be surprised with an even newer technology. Oh, and the rumored 4.8-inch display sounds like the perfect size for me.

4. NFC

I'm crazy and probably among the few that's truly excited for near-field communications. I haven't been able to play with Google Wallet outside of a few tests in Sprint briefings, but I'm truly excited for NFC to hit mainstream in the United States. I already suspect that a number of AT&T's current handsets, including the Galaxy S II, the Galaxy S II Skyrocket and the Galaxy Note 4G support NFC and that the feature will be activated with AT&T finally gets around to launching its ISIS initiative. I'll be pumped — and look insanely nerdy — when I can use my phone to pick up groceries, the dinner tab or a cab fare by simply tapping my phone. I suspect I'll have to wait a bit for this to go nationwide, but living in NYC gives me the upper-hand when it comes to possibly being part of a test market.

5. A Top-notch Camera

I like the 8-megapixel camera currently available in Samsung's high-end devices. It records 1080p video with autofocus and the images are sharp. Still, the photos fall a bit flat when compared to shots taken with the iPhone 4S's camera. HTC just introduced brand new imaging technology in its One line of Android smartphones during Mobile World Congress and I hope Samsung has something similar up its sleeves. I currently still find that I take much better pictures with a point-and-shoot camera. Hopefully Samsung introduces a better sensor with faster image capture capabilities.


I lied! I don't have just 5 wishes for the Galaxy S III. I also hope it comes equipped with HDMI-out, possibly an S-Pen (I actually like it on the Galaxy Note — I'm basically unstoppable when it comes to playing Draw Something), and killer battery life.

All of these are features should easily be included and, if anything, I hope Samsung can squeeze a bit of surprise innovation in somewhere. Samsung has the chance to knock the ball out of the park with the Galaxy S III, especially if it's the first phone to hit the market with a quad-core CPU and LTE. If Samsung can manage to fit the above specs into the Galaxy S III I think we'll see it beat sales records previously set by the Galaxy S II.