Apple may have just released a new version of Safari, but it’s Google’s Chrome that continues to be the browser to beat. Despite its tendency to hog resources, which is something Google is aggressively making an effort to fix, it’s still a solid browser, and offers a ton of powerful features that are dead simple to implement. Case in point: just head on over to the Chrome Web Store and install an extension. Do that and your experience will be improved in a pretty significant way.

For most people, Chrome is simply used to check email, stay up to date on the news, and lurk on Facebook. But once you really fulfill its potential, you’ll find that Chrome is capable of doing much more than update your status and hide in the darker corners of the Internet. Seriously, I don’t know where I’d be without the Save to Pocket extension, and I only just came across something called Session Buddy, which is a great way to manage your tabs and windows. Trust me, it’ll change your life.

Below is a list of Chrome extensions as recommended by Mark L. Chances are, if you’re a heavy Chrome user, you already use these extensions, or you’ve at least heard of them. The great thing about Chrome’s support for extensions is that there are hundreds, so this is by no means a comprehensive recap of what’s out there. These are just a few of what we use on a daily basis, extensions that help enhance the Web browsing experience.

Me? I’m really digging Session Buddy, as I mentioned above, and I use the 1Password extension multiple times a day. I would also add Speed Dial 2 to the list, while things like Google Keep, Google Docs Offline, and Sunrise are also on my must have list. Those are technically Chrome Apps, however, but they’re still good to have.

Have any Chrome extensions you can’t live without? That’s the great thing about it, you might have your own particular setup that helps you be more productive throughout the day. I’m sure I’m not the only one with the Pinterest button up near my universal search bar.

Check out the video to see what else is included in the video. Below we’ll have links to the extensions in Chrome’s Web Store.

Pushbullet / Save to Pocket / Readability / Universal Search Tab / Sticky Notes—Just Popped Up!