If you missed it, yesterday I gave you my top 5 companies with the worst tech support. Upon popular request,  I’, going to give you my Top 5 Best Companies For Tech Support. Again, this list is subjective but based on feedback I have gathered along with personal experience.

5. Logitech

They make the best mice and keyboards around in my opinion, and their support is really great. It is extremely easy to talk to a Support Agent or start an RMA. They always seem willing to help, and if you have concerns, they seem very responsive on Twitter as well.

4. Kodak

Whether it’s a printer or a camera, Kodak has tremendous Tech Support with even better warranty practices. They are easy to talk to, knowledgable and quick to get the problem resolved. They will send parts to your door quickly, or send a replacement device without needing a signed note from President Obama.

3. Lenovo

They make some of the best PC Laptops in my opinion, and their support backs it up. Their knowledgable support technicians can solve most problems over the phone, but when they can’t they’re immediately ready to get a service order started. Sometimes a little hard to understand for us English dialects, but their agents understand that.

2. Monster Cable

There cables are extremely overpriced, but this premium comes with some benefits. Their products are reliable and easy to use, and the people on the other side of the phone are friendly and helpful. Plus, if their product fails, they will go above and beyond to make the situation right. Dr.Dre would be very proud!

Honorable Mentions: These companies didn’t make the list, but there efforts deserve a little pat on the back:  Nintendo, NewEgg, Epson, Canon, Linksys (Cisco era), Seagate.

1. Apple

If you didn’t see this coming, you have never used Apple support. These guys are so good, sometimes I call just to talk. Apple is the best as their tech’s are friendly, responsive, helpful and efficient. To setup a call, you can even go online and have them call you. You can also type in all the basic information so you don’t have to tell them over the phone

‘That is Cooke with an ‘E’ AT THE END!”

All of this, coupled with reliable products and quick service turn-arounds make Apple the hands-down winner. Sorry to all the Apple haters out there, but this is not even an argument.

Got a company that has treated you right? Give them a shout out down below. I am sure that this list could have a lot of different companies in it, so lets here it!