While Android users are free to customize the OS anyway they want, Google's Android Wear platform is much less flexible. As it stands, OEMs don't have the ability to use their own skins, which means the experience is more or less identical across the lineup of devices currently available. That hasn't stopped companies and third-parties from putting their own stamp on the platform, and we're highlighting some of the best.

Sure, a simple watchface isn't the most amazing customization feature we've ever seen; there's nothing here to blow your hair back. But if you're bored by the stock faces your G Watch or Gear Live came with, there are some cool alternatives out there. If anything, they allow you to break out of the confines set by Google.

The search giant has said, however, that it will release a toolkit for developers to more easily create watch faces down the road, so the Google Play Store will likely be filled with plenty more options. That said, we found some great new watchfaces for your Android Wear device(s).

Check out the video above to see which watchfaces made the cut. There are a lot of great options out there, and they're relatively easy to install. With many more Android Wear devices on the horizon, we're expecting the platform to open up as more people become interested in wearables. Until then, see our choices above, and let us know some of the cool watchfaces you've come across.