Being technology enthusiasts, we realize you're just looking to get your next tech fix.  There's more to the world of gadgets than just reading though!  Here are four podcasts that you should check out the moment they hit the airwaves.


diggnationDiggnation is a weekly tech/web culture show based on the week's top stories as voted on by members of Digg.  Released every Wednesday, Alex Albrecht (Windows fan) and Kevin Rose (Apple fan) break down and weigh in on the stories the Digg community found most interesting.  Be sure to check out Diggnation for a forty minute, funnier than usual take on the week in tech.

Engadget Show/Podcast

engadgetshowThe most popular tech site on the web hosts a weekly podcast hosted by Engadget's Editor-in-chief Joshua Topolsky with editors Nilay Patel and Paul Miller.  The three weigh in on the happenings in the tech world for the week through a live stream alongside a chat room for all those unruly commenters.  Once a month, Engadget hosts the Engadget Show in New York with the same three editors and special guests each episode like Palm CEO Jon Rubenstein or Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer.  The Engadget Podcast and Show are must-downloads for any tech geek.

GDGT Weekly

gdgtlogoCreated by the founders of Gizmodo and Engadget, GDGT is a gadget platform that allows you to connect with its community to discuss gadgets and anything tech.  Peter Rojas and Ryan Block host a less than regular GDGT podcast to dig into the biggest news in tech.  Veterans to the game, the two are among the most well respected in the industry.  Check out GDGT Weekly for insight from your tech elders who aren't so elder(ly).


twitHome to the biggest variety of podcasts on the net, was founded by Leo Laporte of TechTV fame.  Whether you're a Windows junkie, and Apple fanboy, or Google geek TWiT has a podcast for you.  Each podcast can be viewed live or downloaded in audio or video form days after it was cast.  Check out TWiT for Leo overload and a lighthearted and fun spin on anything tech.

What tech podcasts do you listen to regularly?  Drop us a line with your favorites in the comments.