Tony Hawk Pro Skater

Activision has recognized the legitimacy of several comments made by Tony Hawk with IGN about the two finally working together on a new game. Beyond a confirmation, it has merely stated "more info is coming soon."

There was one a time when Tony Hawk Pro Skater was the hottest franchise on the market. Great scores from critics, warm fan reception, sales figures beyond the competition. It was so good that it got people who want nothing to do with skateboarding to play along, myself included. I mean, Spider-Man was a secret character in one, and even Solid Snake borrowed from the formula!

Then Tony Hawk Underground followed up on the older games with a new story mode and it was kind of nice. Then Tony Hawk American Wasteland kinda happened… eh, you know. Whatever.

But then a few dreary releases later saw the infamous Tony Hawk: Ride. You remember that one with the skateboard controller? The one the skater went on a little rant about with gamers not wanting to try new things and deciding they hated it before trying? The one released at the height of our embarrassing "plastic instrument phase?" The one that tanked so hard it nearly permanently derailed the entire series?

Well forget all that. It's been two years since we've seen an original Tony Hawk game, but the timing is right for a new one, yeah? I mean, retro is in, and Tony Hawk is nothing more than a nostalgic memory for some from the turn of the millennium.

The HD remake didn't sit well, but what would it take to make a new Tony Hawk Pro Skater game be fun by today's standards?