Tony Hawk Pro Skater HD dropped in 2012, and it was hammered by critics and fans. That initial rush of frustration cooled to a mild flow of mediocrity for the title, and it sits on Steam as a game that’s simply alright.

For a franchise that defined afternoon and weekend free time for practically a generation, the mixed results of what could have been a return to glory were an outright bummer.

Now, Activision has elected to “retire” the game from the Steam store on July 17, 2017. That makes this the last opportunity you have to grind into mediocrity.

The good news here is that they’ve cut the title by 80 percent to give it a small kick off life before it fades into the ether. Tony Hawk Pro Skater HD is just $1.99 until it’s pulled from Steam on July 17.

This isn’t a good game. I’m not even sure it’s worth two bucks, quite frankly. However, if you’re a Tony Hawk Pro Skater fan of old looking to digitally own a piece of gaming’s sour history, you could pick this up.

Activision offered no reason for the choice to retire the title. I would imagine it boils down to licensing issues. Why renew the music licenses for a bad game that no one’s buying, right?