Tony Fadell

I always sort of assumed that redesigning Google Glass was something Tony Fadell got stuck with after Google bought his company, Nest, last year. Turns out I was wrong. Fadell actually requested to take on the project, and he explains why in a recent interview with BBC.

Fadell says he’s very bullish about wearable technology in general, and asked to take over Glass after deciding that it was a very important project. “It wasn’t handed to me and said, ‘Tony clean it up,'” he explained. “I offered and said, this is important, I remember what it was like when we did the iPod and the iPhone. I think this can be that important but it’s gonna take time to get it right.”

He adds that wearable devices are still a work in progress, comparing the current market to computers in the early 1980s. If the new technology follows a similar trajectory then “a bet against a wearable I think would be really dumb.”

Fadell also talked about Nest and how he hopes to position the company’s products. He doesn’t like the term “Internet of Things” because it’s too vague, while the “smart home” has been promised to us for decades. Instead he wants to create a “thoughtful home” by making “a better version of products you already buy today.”

Finally, Fadell touched on Google’s self-driving car. He points out that for now the company is pretty focused on the technology, and that a more fashionable design will come later. However, he wouldn’t admit to having any real input on the vehicle, though hopefully Google’s engineers take his suggestions into consideration. If anyone can turn Google’s goofy looking car into a something sleek and attractive it’s probably Fadell.