Fans of the Tomb Raider franchise, start paying attention. Square Enix has indicated that they have something newsworthy coming up before E3 rolls around.

And, yes, we’re less than a month away from E3. That’s nuts.

The word comes from the first “Road to E3” blog update that Square Enix drafted up and published today. It’s in that text that the publisher says, simply, that they’ve “got some other exciting demos lined up on the show floor, but we’ll save those updates for our Road To E3 Part 2 blog, which will feature some exciting Tomb Raider news and details on a few new games that our team has been hard at work on.”

So, what gives? Could we be looking at news for the PlayStation 4 version of Rise of the Tomb Raider, DLC or something else entirely.

We’ll follow up when that story goes live.