Aside from the surprise 2010 hit Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light and its interesting co-op tasks, multiplayer is a new concept to the long running Tomb Raider series. With every other game seemingly requiring an extensive mulitplayer mode, it seems only natural Square Enix and Eidos want to pan out the upcoming reboot as long as possible.

Luckily, they are managing to tie it in with the story as most good multiplayers do these days. OXM has the latest details on what Eidos has planned for the new Tomb Raider's mulitplayer half.

Team Deathmatch will feature a team of shipwrecked adventurers, excluding Ms. Croft, pitted against a group of local crazy savages. Teams will switch between the two at the end of each round, and best out of three wins. Maps are not "too wide open," but they do feature typical Tomb Raider environmental hazards, platforming, and booby traps. Expect tight, quick and enclosed action with a lot of trickery and accidental deaths.

The other mode is called Rescue, which will have the shipwrecked adventurers collecting medical packs and delivering them to rotating drop points. The savages' goal is to simply kill as many as possible.

Other modes have been hinted, but these two are what we know most about. The multiplayer is being headed by the Deus Ex: Human Revolution team at Eidos Montreal, and it will feature all the weapons and moves found in the campaign, including Lara's new bow and arrow.

Tomb Raider will be released on March 5th for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC.

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