Reboots are all the rage among Hollywood execs, and the latest franchise to fall victim to this trend is Tomb Raider.

Variety reports Warner Bros. has joined MGM to distribute the reboot, which has already tapped Evan Daugherty (Divergent, Snow White and the Huntsman) to write the script. Other finer details, like who will play Lara Croft, remains unclear. The last Tomb Raider movie starring Angelina Jolie came out all the way back in 2003; before that, the first film was released in 2001.

Square Enix successfully rebooted the video game in 2013, so there might be a slight hint of precedence. Another Tomb Raider game is scheduled to come out this year, which could be why studio executives want to capitalize on the franchise once again. The first two films were fun and campy, but I'm hoping the upcoming reboot will follow in the footsteps of the grittier, more violent take introduced by the last game.

If that's the case, then we can expect less emphasis on sex appeal, and more focus on story, setting and action. It would be great to see the movie also revolve around Croft's origin story, though that would rule out Jolie for the main role.

Who will fill Lara Croft's shoes? We don't know, and we probably won't know for awhile. We'll keep an eye on this project as more information is released.