Lara Croft is always best enjoyed when she is blocky and made out of awkwardly jammed triangles. The new games might play infinitely better and actually have accessible control schemes that any generation of gamer can understand, but there's just something about Lara from way back in the olden days that we can't get over.

Maybe it's because many of us were bright eyed, young teenagers at the time of the first game's release. (However, I was more of a Tifa Lockhart fan in those days… oh Tifa…)

Anyway, old school Lara is now available totally for free thanks to a modder by the handle of XProger. His OpenLara open source project has been fitted and formatted to be played within the safety of your own browser.

Thanks for the memories

The modded version features the classic third-person viewpoint as well as a new first-person viewpoint, and it can be fitted to match most modern control schemes and current controllers. However, only the second level is currently available to play in its native state. If you own the full game, you can upload the files into his port and play them that way if you choose.

OpenLara is available at XProger's official website.