Square Enix’s Tomb Raider reboot is being ported to next-gen consoles, if we are to believe the Brazilian rating system. The new versions of the game have officially listed and are ready for release whenever Square Enix sees fit.

Square Enix has yet to make any official announcement on the game’s availability for the Xbox One or PlayStation 4, so consider this a rumor for the time being.

A port of the critical successful Tomb Raider would be pretty smart, as the game already pushed the previous consoles to the limit and showcased some of the finest graphics seen in years. The power boost provided by the new machines should make the game look better than ever.

It is also wise because Tomb Raider has become a kind of poster child for AAA budgets gone amok. Millions of copies were sold and the game’s critical success still failed to convert into dollar signs. The game did not break even at Square Enix’s projected 5-6 million units, and it is said to be the main woe of Square Enix’s financial problems.

The cost of a next-gen port can’t be too high since everyone is releasing games on both generations these days. Maybe a second chance on the market is just what the game needs to finally cross that hurdle. If any game in Square Enix’s line-up deserves a second stab at next-gen, it’s this masterpiece.