Along with the resurrection of Spider-Man, now starring Tom Holland, Sony has been working on bringing the greater Spider-Verse into the world. Bigger than Black Cat and Silver Sable, bigger than Kraven or Mysterio, though, is Spider-Man’s arch-nemesis and sometimes tentative ally Venom. Few characters in Spider-Man’s world can hold up their own books without Ol’ Webhead there to support them the way Venom has. So we’ve been excited to see what Sony would do with a movie centered around the character. Now there’s an official Venom trailer out and, well, we’re left kind of wondering.

The trailer is almost a sort of origin montage. Hardy’s character, Eddie Brock, features prominently in the trailer. We get a look at the crashed ship that the Venom symbiote attached itself to, and we see Brock in an MRI machine, clearly having a reaction has his system combines with that of the symbiote. We get shots of Brock running from the authorities. What we don’t get, though, is a single look at Venom itself.

We get a short shot of the Venom symbiote itself, locked in some sort of containment tube, writhing all black and terrible, but not once do we see what it looks like united with Eddie Brock. And is that a shot of psychic powers we spotted in one scene? It’s too soon to tell, and trailer editing can do weird things with a movie’s action sequences.

If there’s ever been a comic-book movie trailer to feature so little (by which I mean nothing) of its titular protagonist, we can’t think of it. We were excited for Venom, but now we’re excited and confused. Venom hits theaters this October.