It’s been a while since we’ve checked in with Tokyo Xanadu, so let’s swing by and see what’s up in a new batch of screenshots. I gotta say, though, through games like this and the Persona series, many people foreign to Japan might think that Japanese high school kids are the absolute coolest frickin’ demographic on Earth. Am I right?

Sorry, but it’s not true. Not in the least. In fact, it’s the polar opposite. Japanese high school kids are never as awe-inspiring as the anime and gaming mediums make them out to be. They are too busy studying their tails off until the wee morning hours to save the world or even normally interact with people outside their social standing.

Anyway, this latest batch of screenshots shows our heroes hanging out in what is apparently “everyday high school kid clothes.” When they are not sporting their school uniforms, which to my knowledge are everyday clothes in Japan since they are generally worn everyday, each of them looks like a model posing for a weekly fashion magazine. Seriously, where are the high school kids in Japan who are this off the chain? If they truly exist, they’ve eluded me for eight years.

It’s fun to pretend, isn’t it?

I kid, of course. I love the Japanese high school setting as much as the next person, and I’m looking forward to going back to school with the cast of Tokyo Xanadu. In another point to make, there have been a lot of niche JRPGs popping up on the PS Vita lately with quality levels all over the place. Some of them are best left overlooked, but Tokyo Xanadu is not one of them. It is being handled by Nihon Falcom, a company who has its crap together and has over 30 years of history towards it name.

These guys know how to make immensely entertaining games. Tokyo Xanadu is going to be worth a lot more of your time than most of the other cheap, anime inspired JRPGs of the modern age. It launches in Japan on Sept. 30, and rumors are that XSEED will be localizing it. My guess is this will be a 2016 release in the States.