Last week, Nihon Falcom introduced us to Tokyo Xanadu’s latest character, the prim and proper Mitsuki Hokuto. Siliconera now has a few more details regarding the character, including her family situation and some screenshots looking into her moveset.

As mentioned before, she is the granddaughter of a powerful man behind the mega-corporation “Hokuto Group.” Mitsuki’s father used to run the whole show, but due to his passing, her grandfather came out of retirement to temporarily lead the company and keep it safe from his other quarreling sons.

Mitsuki is also close with her grandfather’s secretary, Kyoka Yukimura. She is described as the perfect receptionist on the surface, but underneath, she also belongs to an organization called Zodiac, one which is dedicated to keeping an eye on The Other World as well as benefiting from its powers. The Hokuto Group is one of the branch companies of Zodiac.

Kyoka trains Mitsuki, and Mitsuki looks up to her like a big sister. She uses a staff in battle and can launch projectiles and a defensive shield around her allies.

Tokyo Xanadu launches for the PS Vita in Japan on Sept. 30. We’re still waiting for the confirmation of a localization. XSEED has a domain name registered for the game, but seeing that it has already announced its 2015 line-up sans Tokyo Xanadu, my guess is we’ll be seeing it in English next year.