So far, we’ve only seen brief snippets of Tokyo Xanadu’s gameplay, so these two videos could be the most substantial footage yet. Nihon Falcom’s promising looking action RPG has shined in its still frames, so seeing it in full motion already confirms what we suspected. It’s no masterpiece but should be a really solid find for PS Vita owners starving for a JRPG.

Japan’s PlayStation Blog has shown off two gameplay videos with our heroes exploring two very different dungeons. The first stars our hero trotting around Tokyo, and to say that these exploration and school social life elements have been pulled straight from Persona would be understating the blatant thievery here. Still, Nihon Falcom has a history of making other franchises’ ideas its own in unique ways, so my guess is it’ll change up the formula enough.

Geez, even the music sounds like Persona’s. You’re making it hard to stand up for you, Tokyo Sonata.

The second it is an underground service area lit with bright green lights, explaining why I’m calling it an urban jungle. Several of our heroes swap in and out of battle down here, showing off their different moves and abilities.

Tokyo Xanadu will be released for the PS Vita in Japan on Sept. 30. No Western date has been confirmed yet, but rumors abound that XSEED has things under control.