Gematsu has more information and the first official screenshots from Nihon Falcom’s incoming PS Vita action RPG, Tokyo Xanadu. We already know about our two lead protagonists, but the situation they find themselves slicing and dicing their way through is spelled out a bit more with the update.

In this alternate reality, everybody uses Xiphones, which are pretty much smartphones with a hint of the title’s moniker. Nihon Falcom clearly describes them as such by saying they are”personal information terminals that, like smartphones, also have communication capabilities. They’re additionally capable of tapping into social networks and have games, which have made them hugely ubiquitous.”

Sound familiar? What about the differences?

Perhaps most importantly of all, they can provide synchronized verification of their owner’s physiological data, which can be used across a variety of services and security systems that are in development in the game’s world. Unlike real smartphones, though, they have a mysterious gear below the screen that makes them stand out.

Oh, a mysterious gear on the bottom? Is that like an iPod wheel or something?

In addition to the Xiphone, Nihon Falcom describes the monsters of this story as being called “the Greed,” and our heroes use “Soul Devices” to destroy them. No need to be subtle with its themes, I suppose.


Greed are creatures that wander the labyrinths of the Other World, their true identities unknown. Coming in a variety of types, shapes, and sizes, they don’t, however, grow and reproduce like normal living creatures; they’re instead believed to be extradimensional spirits, possibly the creation of someone. Normal weapons from the real world are ineffective against them; only Soul Devices can hurt them.

Soul Devices

Special armaments that those with ties to the Other World can manifest. Possessing myriad possible forms, no two Soul Devices are alike. Specially made up of spirit particles and materials from the Other World, it’s effective at dealing damage to the Greed, as normal physical attacks otherwise do little to them.

Tokyo Xanadu sounds like an interesting little action RPG spin on Persona’s ideas, but don’t dismiss it if you think it will be a clone. Nihon Falcom has its own unique way of operating and approaching the RPG genre, and that original spin should be enough to put it on your radar.

It will be released in Japan later this year for the PS Vita. No word on a localization just yet, but XSEED has a domain name dedicated to it. Hint hint…