Tokyo Xanadu

Wow, does anybody here know about Xanadu? In the mid-1980s, it was a very revolutionary title on Japanese PCs that was one of the first games to mix 2D side-scrolling with RPG mechanics, and it was also a sequel of sorts to the arcade smash-hit Dragon Slayer from Namco. Despite its success, developer Nihon Falcom never officially released the main game in America.

At best, maybe a few old timers here might have played its NES spin-off called Faxanadu. It's a weird action RPG with a cool setting that takes place entirely within a tree. Needless to say, the franchise is not exactly well known anymore, even in Japan where the last game came out in 2005 for the N-Gage!

Nihon Falcom, now known for its Legend of Heroes and Ys franchises, has decided to revive the fantasy RPG classic by giving a whole new setting: modern day Japan. Tokyo Xanadu will take place in Morimiya City, a suburb of Tokyo, and it will follow the high school lives of Koh and Asuka as they uncover and enter the realm of Xanadu.

Both The Legend of Heroes and Ys have a fantasy setting, similar to the classic Xanadu games. With that branch of storytelling already spoken for from its library, this could be seen as Nihon Falcom's stab at the same brand of setting we find in the Shin Megami Tensei series, a blend of real world Japan and demonic science fiction. Tokyo Xanadu's poster seems to suggest as such.

No platform has been announced yet, but it will be released in 2015 in Japan. Nihon Falcom has been pretty good about localizing Ys and most of the Legend of Heroes games in the states with publishers like XSEED, but I wonder if Tokyo Xanadu will inspire the same level of faith from the developer. We'll have to wait and see. I want to play it, but not at the expense of another JRPG like The Legend of Legacy or some other smaller title.