Put your hands together for the newest addition to Tokyo Xanadu’s high school demon fighting squad. Mitsuki Hokuto is the everyday goody two shoe girl appearing in plenty of anime. Third-year student, president of the school council, top of her class, daughter of a corporate CEO. If you watch anime, you’ve seen this character before.

Whether you like her or not depends on her portrayal of these traits. Is she stuck up? Is she sweet?

Luckily, Mitsuki falls on the positive side of things as she is referred to as “nice” by her peers. However, she is second to none when it comes to winning an argument or negotiating, and she only busts out these skills when she needs to.

Naturally, a girl of her caricature is a magic user, but not in the sense that she is a healer like in other JRPGs. Her staff blasts forth various weapons like light swords that will home in on enemies and orbs of various elements which also do damage. She also has the ability to set up a defensive shield around her allies.

This announcement makes her the fifth character to be revealed in Tokyo Xanadu, and everything we’ve seen so far makes it look like a pretty solid game. Nihon Falcom will release Tokyo Xanadu for the PS Vita on Sept. 30 in Japan. No official announcements about the localization have been made yet, but XSEED does have a domain registered for the game.