Mankind has taken to the stars, abandoning their home world and leaving every other form of life in their tracks. Tokyo has become overrun with creatures far removed from their natural habitat as the worldwide battle for supremacy spreads to the island nation. Which animal will take control of the planet in mankind's absence will be up to your survival skills.

One of the more outlandish video game ideas in recent memory, Tokyo Jungle features 80 breeds and species of animals in Darwin's ultimate nightmare come true. Everything from pomeranians and baby chicks to lions, alligators, elephants and even resurrected Tyrannosauruses are out to make a claim for the ruined city.

Play in two separate modes, story mode in which the animals unwittingly discover the fate of mankind during their struggles, or survival mode in which you must build an army of similar minded creatures and survive the horrors of the food chain for as long as possible. Online leaderboards keep track of who the most fit amongst us for survival is.

Already a small hit in Japan, Sony has announced the American release date for their little twist on the survival genre as September 25th. Unlike in Japan, the game will only be a downloadable title via PSN for $14.99 with no physical disc release.

Enjoy that awesome trailer, but if that's not enough, here's a wild pack of pomeranians attempting to take down a tiger.

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