These days there are a lot of events going on in our lives: work, school, kids social calendars, and the plethora of chores and little to do’s that seem to be on all our lists. In the past I was able to keep everything straight in my head, and pretty much have a to do list right up there in my cranial cavity. As I have grown older and frankly more busy, not to mention kid responsibilities, I just can’t keep track of it in my head any longer.

Since the day I bought my iPhone 3G I have been looking for a todo list that would meet my needs and, frankly, until recently, all of them had come up short in one way or another. I work on multiple computers as well as my iPhone and iPad, therefore not only do I need a quality user interface, but I need reliable synchronization. I need everything to match on all of my devices so that I know exactly what needs to be completed when no matter how I choose to look it up.

todoforipadappicon512In comes Appigo and their suite of Todo Applications for iPhone, iPad and an Online Portal. You can implement one, two, or all three applications to keep your life in order, which I do, and they have been my savior.

The Appigo applications for the iPhone and iPad have essentially the same functionality with some aesthetic changes to take advantage of the increased real estate on the tablet, but lets go through the major features.

Task Synchronization

Todo by Appigo syncs all your tasks over either Wi-Fi or 3G, and can sync with the Todo Online service, iCal, Outlook or, so no matter how you like to organize your tasks there will be a syncable service to fit your needs.

Projects & Checklists

This is by far my favorite feature of Appigo’s Todo. Instead of listing a ton of tasks in list format I now have the ability to group tasks in a project or checklist. For example, at work I have many projects I am working on simultaneously, now I can create a project called “Computer Deployment” and list all the associated tasks within that project. This keeps associated tasks very tidy, and I spend less time looking at the list and more time accomplishing the tasks.

Repeating Tasks & Alerts

Many tasks repeat on a continuous basis such as submitting expense or completing a monthly report. Instead of adding these every day, week, month or year, simply set up a repeating task, which will save time and keystrokes. Along with the task, you may want to set alerts or reminders and with Todo you can set up as many alerts as you like in order to get the job done.

There are other features that make the usability of the apps very simple but those are the three major features and benefits of the applications that have impressed me the most. Learn more about both the iPhone and iPad version here.


So how much will all this task completion goodness set you back? The iPhone and iPad applications are $4.99 each and the Todo Online service will run you $19.99 a year. These apps and services may seem a bit expensive, but I have to tell you, as person that is very frugal with his application dollars, these are worth every penny. Appigo’s Todo suite of task management applications has helped keep my life in order and eliminated the stress of trying to remember what needs to be done and when, thus freeing up my mind to be more productive and creative.

How do you keep track of what needs to be done in life? Do you use an app, pen and paper or maybe simple post it notes? Let me know what works for you.