Did you know that today's the 25th birthday of our dear old animated image file, the GIF? So why not celebrate the occasion by making your own Graphics Interchange Format file? Thanks to today's tools, creating one has never been easier.

[via GeekSugar]

Gif Shop iOS App ($1)

Blends up to 100 images to create an animated GIF.

Gickr website

The platform-agnostic Gickr website lets users upload three similar pics, and blends them to make an animated GIF.

Kinotopic iOS App ($1)

Kinotopic uses photos with a touch of video.

Cinemagram iOS App ($2)

The popular Cinemagram, like Kinotopic, offers pinch and zoom for areas to animate, as well as filters. (Android version coming soon.)

Echograph iPad App ($3)

This iPad app lets you use your finger to touch-define an area to animate inside a still frame.

GifStitch Android App (Free) Uses existing pics or new camera snaps, and can even apply color effects.

Gifinator (Free) and Gifinator Plus ($1) Android Apps

Create GIFs for free, or buy the Plus version for higher quality.

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