How often does an indie-game win a "Best Story" award during the gaming award season? It doesn't happen too often, but this past year, a small time RPG made from the RPG Maker engine scored a few huge nods from major publications like Gamespot by swiping a few trophies.

Freebird Games' To The Moon spins the Total Recall theme of artificially creating memories, but the process is only available to those on their deathbed to grant them happiness and a sense of satisfaction in their final days. Two doctors on a routine job stumble across major complications when helping Johnny Wyles obtain his dream of going to the moon. Tragic events from his complicated past rise up and block the new memories from being installed.

Its a gripping tale that far exceeds most other fan made games from the RPG Maker community, and it will be easier to purchase through Steam in just a few days on September 9th. The gorgeous SNES style presentation is worth the $10 price tag alone, but if you're all about seeing video game narrative being pushed forward in new and exciting ways, this is not one to miss.

[via VG247]