T-Mobile is hosting its Un-Carrier 11 event where CEO John Legere just announced that T-Mobile will give one share of T-Mobile stock to every primary account holder. You can earn additional T-Mobile US shares, too.

T-Mobile said that customers will receive one additional share of stock for every customer T-Mobile customers refer to its network. Additionally, customers who have been with the carrier for more than 5 years can receive up to two shares for every customer they refer to T-Mobile. The primary account holder gets the share of stock, but you need to “claim it to get it,” T-Mobile said, noting that you’ll need to setup a free brokerage account first. There aren’t fees if you transfer or sell or share in the first year, and customers can earn up to 100 total shares of TMUS stock.

T-Mobile U.S. is currently trading at about $43, so that would be the value of each share you owned if you received it today. Obviously that value will vary as time goes on.