T-Mobile won’t let its industry-shaping merger go down without a fight.

Because there’s so much at stake, the magenta-loving carrier has reached out to mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs). The discussions are about telling the public and regulators that the merger between T-Mobile and Sprint benefits consumers more than anyone else.

The U.S. government is examining the deal, trying to understand if the wireless industry needs four major carriers. T-Mobile and Sprint are the nation’s third- and fourth-largest carriers, respectively.

Rather than doing all the public relations itself, T-Mobile wants its partners to throw in their support. One partner told Reuters that T-Mobile desires op-eds and letters of support. In an email going around to MVNOs, the carrier says talking points should include the development of a nationwide 5G network. T-Mobile thinks other countries are winning the race to 5G.

Reuters adds that the U.S. government isn’t too deep in its investigation, and right now there aren’t any takeaways to make a prediction on.

The entire list of MVNOs wasn’t revealed, but Consumer Cellular confirmed there’s been some communication between all parties. Consumer Cellular, which targets senior citizens who need basic wireless service, wouldn’t comment on the possibility of assisting T-Mobile and Sprint. So far, it hasn’t submitted a comment to the FCC. But that might change if the merger gets put in jeopardy.