If you’re a T-Mobile customer, you don’t have to pay for Netflix anymore. A subscription to the video streaming service is now included with the carrier’s family plan at no extra cost.

T-Mobile made the announcement during its Un-carrier Next event streamed online Wednesday morning. Rather than going through a long, drawn-out explanation, T-Mobile CEO John Legere appeared in a pre-recorded video in which he spray-painted “on us” below the Netflix logo. That was it. A bunch of executives then hosted a Q&A session for the media.

To get a free Netflix subscription, you’ll need to be on the carrier’s One plan with two or more lines. T-Mobile won’t let accounts with a single line or multiple lines on an old plan participate. You also can’t be on the 2-for-$100 or One Unlimited 55+ plans. Netflix On Us is strictly for customers with two or more lines on the One plan.

Those who are eligible can sign into their T-Mobile account next week, register for access, and receive a text message on how to connect to Netflix. The video streaming service will automatically have T-Mobile pick up the $9.99 per month charge for you.

New and existing customers can take advantage of T-Mobile’s Netflix On Us incentive starting September 12.