In a few weeks T-Mobile customers will finally be able to purchase an iPhone directly from the carrier, and even take the device for a spin on its new UNcarrier plans. (For more on those, check out Todd's thorough explanation.) What we didn't hear during T-Mobile's official announcement were intentions to also offer the 32GB and 64GB models of the iPhone 5. Those, as you'd rightly guess, will cost a bit more money up front. But you'll have save a bit of money, too.

Oddly, the two variants will only be offered online, and jump up in $100 increments if you want the larger storage; TmoNews confirmed the pricing with T-Mobile. If you want the 32GB version, customers are required to put $199 down and pay the $20 over 24 months (on top of your monthly bill) for a total of $679. The 64GB model will be $299 with the same exact $20 for 24 months, which comes out to $779.

What's great about going through T-Mobile is the fact that the total prices are actually cheaper than if you went to Apple. Where the 16GB model is $579 overall, Apple charges $649; 32GB is $679 through T-Mobile, or $749 at Apple. The 64GB model is $779, or $849 at Apple. Not a bad deal, and it's great that you can pay that off in monthly installments.

The larger variants won't be available in store, which is a shame, but this is mostly a numbers game for T-Mobile, and the $99 down payment sounds much nicer than $199 or even $299.