T-Mobile’s One plan is even more useful if you’re traveling overseas.

Beginning later this month, the number of countries and destinations with unlimited data and texting on the Un-carrier’s network will grow from 140 to 210. It’s an expansion for Simple Global, the initiative making it affordable to use your mobile device outside the United States. Along with that, you’re still getting low-rate calling for $0.25 per minute.

The Un-carrier also introduced a major overhaul for its international pass. Aside from making the pass cheaper, T-Mobile is making it more capable. Now you can roam the world without breaking the bank to get standard service.

Because this is T-Mobile, the magenta-loving carrier created a chart showing exactly why it has the best pass around:

The international traveler should prefer this pass over the competitions’ offerings. Verizon and AT&T don’t have as many countries covered, and their passes are much more limited despite the higher prices. T-Mobile asks for $5/day while the other two major carriers raise the daily fee to $10 but drop nearly half the destinations.

For $10/day, Verizon will give you the same 512MB of high-speed data. The issue, however, is that you’re stuck with the talk and text allowance from your domestic plan. So you could rack up fees without knowing until it’s too late. AT&T, meanwhile, matches your domestic plan’s data and goes unlimited on talk and text. You’re still paying more money for less coverage, though.

T-Mobile also jumps ahead of both competitors because you may not need its international pass. If you’re on the One plan, you get unlimited 2G data and texting. That won’t get you very far, but it’s better than pay-as-you-go rates.

Traveling outside the United States soon? The Un-carrier’s new-and-improved Simple Global layout goes live on July 22. All the new countries are added on that day, and T-Mobile will sell the pass on August 1.