T-Mobile’s Essential plan is cheap, but it’s also weak. The Essentials plan, which will be available in the U.S. later this month, takes away a few benefits while offering better affordability.

Rather than getting free Netflix or international data, T-Mobile will give you the basics straight-up. You are, however, still getting unlimited talk, text, and data. And maybe that’s what matters most. The access to a fast, reliable 4G LTE network might be what many people are after above all else.

The Essentials plan also does away with mobile hotspot capabilities. The video quality on T-Mobile’s network gets restricted at 480p (DVD quality), too. None of this makes the Essentials plans awful, but you are making tradeoffs compared to the One plan that debuted in 2016.

In the end, it seems like an appealing plan for those who want in on the magenta-colored network without all the flashiness that’s sent shockwaves throughout the wireless industry in recent years.

The pricing for the Essentials plan couldn’t be simpler. It’s $60/mo for one line, and then $30/mo per line for four lines. T-Mobile will take $10/mo off for each line on the account. You will, of course, need to be enrolled in autopay to avoid a $5 raise.

After the merger with Sprint was announced, both carriers made a mission out of reminding the public that it wants to make wireless service less expensive. The Essentials plan definitely accomplishes that. Still, the plan does include some caveats. If you’re in need of a mobile hotspot or just want international data, T-Mobile’s Essentials plan won’t help. These are now considered premium features that’ll stay on the One plan.

On August 10, T-Mobile will begin offering the Essentials plan to new and existing customers.