T-Mobile confirmed that it experienced a data breach earlier this month.

On August 23, a group of hackers stole customer data that included a limited amount of personal information. It seems that billing-related entries were compromised — names, email addresses, and account numbers. While a data breach isn’t good no matter how you view it, it’s a relief that payment methods and social security numbers remained safe.

The nation’s third-largest carrier says around 2.3 million customers are affected. Also, the data breach was spotted shortly after it started and stopped as soon as possible. T-Mobile has already reached out to customers who might be victims.

If you’re a potential victim of T-Mobile’s data breach, follow the instructions provided by its alert. This includes keeping all passwords, PINs, and passcodes updated. Be on the lookout for suspicious activity involving other accounts and anywhere else your personal information could be used, too.

With the situation under control, the Un-carrier advises all customers to contact its new Team of Experts to get answers to any additional questions.