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Samsung is expected to launch its first Tizen smartphone in early 2014, and according to a recent report from ZDNet Korea the mystery device is already in testing with a number of South Korean carriers. The report doesn’t reveal any details regarding the handset itself, but claims the company will launch a national strategy “sooner or later.” Hopefully sooner.

The South Korean company has made a number of public announcements regarding its open source operating system in the recent past, releasing Tizen 2.2.1 last week—which it claims is a fully functioning OS—at the Tizen Developer Summit. Samsung also took the opportunity to tease Tizen 3.0, which supports 64-bit processors but won’t launch until late 2014. The updated software will also allegedly feature a 3D UI framework open to third-party app developers.

The first Tizen smartphone was initially rumored to launch in late 2013, but now isn’t expected to hit the market until early next year. Samsung’s operating system is also intended to run on smart TVs, in cars and other products, creating a fully functional ecosystem. There’s no word on when the first Tizen TV will be available, though Samsung says it won’t be ready in time to launch alongside the new handset.