Tizen, the open source HTML5 OS being developed by Samsung and Intel, announced an app development challenge today, touting $4 million in prizes. The Tizen App Challenge isn’t taking applications yet, but will open its doors in a few days and run through November 1, 2013.

The contest divides apps into gaming and non-gaming, and encourages developers to create new applications or use the opportunity to port popular ones over to Tizen. The top game in each of three gaming categories will win its developer $200,000 while two runner up apps will earn $100,000 each and three honorable mentions will receive $40,000. Meanwhile, the winner in each of six non-gaming categories will receive $120,000. Runner up gets $60,000 and honorable mention gets $30,000.

Samsung is expected to launch the first Tizen device later this year, which may line up with the end of its app challenge this November. Last week, a rumor surfaced that the Korean giant had scrapped the OS in order to start fresh, similar to the way it previously shifted focus from Bada OS to Tizen. However, both Samsung and Intel were quick to deny these reports.